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Awaken your potential for greater expressive range vocally, physically and emotionally. Learn reliable and well-researched somatic methods to develop emotional fluency, physical emotion regulation, and become more resilient. Create safe personal spaces through breath and embodiment techniques while improving overall wellness. Courses are beneficial for personal and professional development purposes.

Course Designer/Lead Instructor

Meet Laura Bond

Laura Bond (Lead Instructor/Trainer) is the founder of the Emotional Body® method and is an internationally recognized somatic practitioner and scholar dedicating her career to providing safe and reliable techniques for physical emotion regulation, and the development of emotional expression and somatic resiliency methods. In addition to her expertise in acting, directing, and voice production, her primary research centers around the development of a physical emotion regulation method using somatic education philosophies with the evidence-based emotional effector patterns (EEP). After 20 years of practice-research, teaching and writing in this area she developed new ways to teach the EEP and founded a new method for physical emotional regulation and somatic resiliency, called the Emotional Body® method. Her research included collaborating and co-teaching with Feldenkrais® method practitioners since 2007 and an intensive teacher-training sabbatical in Chile in 2006 with neuroscientist and research psychologist Susana Bloch, an original member of the team that discovered the EEP. Laura is a full professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville and the author of The Emotional Body: A Method for Physical Self-Regulation, which is the core text used in Emotional Body courses. To learn more about the Emotional Body method and Laura Bond visit

Laura Bond

Lead Instructor/Trainer


“Laura Bond offered a good-humored and enthusiastic exploration of the Emotional Effector Patterns which, at first glance felt intimidating and complex. With expert ease, she managed to break down the learning process into easy-to-digest portions and had confident, detailed, patient answers at the ready as our curiosity grew with each new step. Speaking neither down to us nor over our heads, Laura matter-of-factly gave us the tools, information, and support we needed to do and explore the work. From providing a safe emotional space to neuro-scientific explanations and everything in-between, she had it all. I will be eagerly awaiting the next workshop in my area to deepen my understanding of this brilliant and under-utilized emotional method. If you’re working in any field that requires emotional labor or emotional management, you should attend this workshop and read Laura Bond’s book, Emotional Body.”

Actor/Director/Spoken Voice Coach

Margaret Hild,

“(Brian) This was an excellent introduction to a very rich and globally applicable set of material. I left with a great foundational experience that I could apply to myself and my work, without feeling overwhelmed, nor like I only got a superficial perspective. It was the perfect balance of what could be really digested at first pass. .... (Barbara) The exercises brought clarity to emotional states and offered a means of developing greater emotional fluidity that I trust will be of value to me both personally and professionally. The teachers used our time efficiently and respectfully, covering the material in ways that were challenging, fun, and memorable. This introduction opened up a world for further study!”

Feldenkrais Practitioners

Brian Beatty & Barbara Abramson

“During the summers of 2015 and 2016, I participated in two of her professional training workshops where I witnessed first-hand what an extraordinarily gifted and internationallyrenowned master teacher Professor Bond is. I marveled at her ability to instruct students with different levels of experience while also mentoring student teachers who served as her assistants during the workshops. Many of the attendees had traveled from various parts of the world to study specifically with her and learn her innovative methods. Several seasoned, New York Citybased professional acting teachers, who had taught at major conservatory programs in the United States, raved about the revolutionary nature of Professor Bond’s work. After studying with Professor Bond, I was able to immediately apply her techniques to my life and my teaching. This is a testament to her methods and her teaching. Her work changes people from the inside out.”