Getting Online!

Making the Most of Video Conferencing & Online Learning

Are you considering taking an online class or attending virtual meetings, and not sure you are sufficiently technology-savvy? Or perhaps you might need to teach your first virtual class or lead a meeting online and would like to gain some basic tips about the technology and set-up considerations. This short course is a visual exploration designed to inform and relieve any doubts you may have about video conferencing. Short video tutorials provide you with important information to get you started, while instructing methods for quality engagement and considerate best-practices. The course contains a total of three learning modules, and each lesson takes an average of 15 minutes to complete.

Learn About Your Instructor

Laura Bond has an extensive background as an instructor of public speaking, stage and camera acting, stage direction, voice/speech coach, and master instructor and teacher trainer in physical emotion regulation. She is a Full Professor of Drama and Interdisciplinary Studies at UNC Asheville, where she teaches courses on acting, directing, vocal production and emotional expression both in-person and online using Zoom video conferencing. She has been teaching lessons online through live video conferencing since 2009 and using Zoom video conferencing regularly for online lessons and meetings since it was created in 2012. With the sudden surge in the need for video conferencing, Laura started creating short tutorials to assist people with the transition to online engagement in hopes of providing support to learners and meeting participants, while also encouraging quality interactions and considerate practices.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome & Introduction to the Course

    • Welcome to the Course

  • 02

    Preparing for Your Video Conference Session: Setting Up and Logging In

    • Setting Up, Logging In, and Using Zoom Video Conferencing

    • Consider Device Location and Camera Angles

  • 03

    Sample Recording of a Synchronous Video Course on Using Zoom

    • Sample Recording of a Video Conference Course on Using Zoom

    • Feedback Survey for Getting Online!

    • Downloadable Checklists and Information from Getting Online!

Get Online & Get Socially Engaged!

For the price of a cup of coffee, get a short course that can be taken during a lunch break!

Feedback Coming In…

Survey Results… 99% of course participants surveyed so far state they feel more prepared to engage in video conferencing and learned plenty of new information.

“All of this was terrific information and very well presented. Thorough and detailed.” “Learning about all these features of Zoom were most helpful!” “I so appreciated learning how to rename; how to position camera; all of the options available.” “I had no idea why it was so important to stabilize my device and turn off my camera when moving it. My video conferencing use will certainly be improved after watching this short course!”