Participants will explore holistic applications for…

Discover the rich and expanding capabilities possible with the Emotional Body method’s holistic approach to physical emotion regulation in this 7-week course. Practitioners who have received previous instruction on the Emotional Body Method’s approach to teaching the emotional effector patterns now gain valuable personal and professional experience, as they take deep exploratory dives into its potential applications.

  • Emotional impulses and their potential stimuli, both internally and externally, and what choices we have concerning responses to such impulses

  • Shifting emotional states at will, and exploring mixed emotions, emotional polarities or pendulating

  • Exploring the concept of how emotions can be a consent-based practice within ourselves, as well as within our interactions with others, allowing more personal agency with emotions, and developing a practice to support these abilities

  • Vocal expressions of emotion, feelings, and the impact internally and externally of what occurs with the shared energy that sounded expressions create

  • Fully connecting the voice and body with the patterns, along with intentions, desires, and actions in the creation of more consistent, holistic expressions

  • Managing vocal and emotional health while gaining these skills in applications, learning essential information about vocal anatomy, understanding personal tolerance levels, identifying, and setting personal boundaries, and considering consent-based agency around emotional expressions

  • Centering, destressing, revitalizing, and restoring the nervous system to achieve a calm and restful state, and a quiet mind


Instructor Bio:

Laura Bond (Lead Instructor/Trainer) is the founder of the Emotional Body® method and is an internationally recognized somatic practitioner and scholar dedicating her career to providing safe and reliable techniques for physical emotion regulation, and the development of emotional expression and somatic resiliency methods. In addition to her expertise in acting, directing, and voice production, her primary research centers around the development of a physical emotion regulation method using somatic education philosophies with the evidence-based emotional effector patterns (EEP). After 20 years of practice-research, teaching and writing in this area she developed new ways to teach the EEP and founded a new method for physical emotional regulation and somatic resiliency, called the Emotional Body® method. Her research included collaborating and co-teaching with Feldenkrais® method practitioners since 2007 and an intensive teacher-training sabbatical in Chile in 2006 with neuroscientist and research psychologist Susana Bloch, an original member of the team that discovered the EEP. Laura is a full professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville and the author of The Emotional Body: A Method for Physical Self-Regulation, which is the core text used in Emotional Body courses. To learn more about the Emotional Body method and Laura Bond visit

Laura Bond

Lead Instructor/Trainer

For $600 USD the course includes:

Meeting Days & Times: Saturdays 11am – 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) Dates: 7 meetings on October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18 & December 2, 2023

  • 14 hours of online synchronous instruction. A temporary recording of each class each class meeting will be provided because we know life happens, and sudden conflicts emerge.

  • 6 additional hours of recorded lessons and written resources to support private practice is also provided and becomes available as soon as you pay for your registration and remains accessible for a full year!

  • One private online 30-minute lesson with the instructor, scheduled after completing the full course of study, is also included in the course registration fee.

  • An online course platform filled with rich materials is available to all course members throughout the course including pre-course lessons to help you refresh your study and practice of the emotional effector patterns before the course begins, reinforcement lessons to assist practice in-between synchronous lessons, and to assist with sustaining ongoing practice well after the course ends. The materials include video and audio recordings, and downloadable documents describing emotional effector pattern practice recommendations, and recommended reading materials.

  • Emotional Body lessons are also supported by reading recommendations from the text The Emotional Body: A Method for Physical Self-Regulation by Laura Bond. Course registrants will receive a special promo code providing them with the opportunity to order the Emotional Body book through our website at 20% before the course begins.

Testimonials from a recent course

“The empowerment from learning the emotional effector patterns has been so beneficial in learning so much about myself. To know that something like this exists and to have access to tools like these has been very encouraging. As a highly emotional and deeply feeling person, the education and tools make me feel like I can accomplish the things I want to rather than feeling hindered by my emotions. I would recommend this course to anyone, no matter their goal. This is fascinating, and yet crucial in understanding ourselves.”


Heather Pack

“The course was excellent as it is! Best would be an in-person class, next best is on zoom, self-learned with videos if not able to be in a room with the others. All leads to better living. Emotional Body work is a great method for grounding, and for understanding ourselves and our interactions with the world." & "Laura is a wonderful practitioner and guide in this work. Warm, direct, and patient. Having live guidance and supporting material online to deepen our understanding of the method was very beneficial.”

Unidentified & Actor

Deb Gordon & Hamish Annon

“Learning the access point to the emotions, and the different intensities of these emotions has been very beneficial. Being able to recognize them on different people has been helpful. Understanding the physical nature of expressing emotions has created a bridge between the tangible and the intangible for me." & "The live zoom sessions were fantastic in terms of being able to be guided through the patterns in real time, and having the recordings for review afterwards proved to be incredibly beneficial as I found I wasn't always able to fully understand or grasp a pattern the first time I did it and needed the opportunity for review.”