Fridays, 3pm-5pm EST

January 27 - March 3, 2023

Lessons in this small group course series provide detailed information on a powerful and effective physical approach to emotion regulation. The Emotional Body® method uses physical patterns discovered in scientific research, and an instructional style informed by extensive research, somatic education theory, and fifteen years of development. The course includes: 12 hours of online synchronous instruction on the emotional effector patterns and various somatic education methods to increase somatic sensing awareness and learning. 6 additional hours of recorded lessons and resources for private practice, available for a full year once you pay for your registration 1 private online 30-minute Emotional Effector Pattern review and feedback session scheduled after completing the full course of study An online course platform filled with rich materials available to all course members for one full year, including pre-course lessons, reinforcement lessons in video and audio for practice during and after course completion, and downloadable documents describing emotional effector pattern practice recommendations. All six emotional effector patterns will be taught, as well as neutral and Step Out. Detailed lessons on breathing practices, somatic methods for emotional expression and embodiment, as well as for restorative & stress reduction practices are also included in this course. Pre-course materials include basic instructions for setting up for the online course, introductory materials on the Emotional Body method, and essential breathing lessons necessary to acquire in preparation for the lessons. Emotional Body lessons are also supported by reading recommendations from the text The Emotional Body. The course is open to adults (18 years or older).

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Preparing for our time together!

    • A Quick Intro to Using this Site

    • Schedule Information

    • Setting Up Your Online Learning Environment

    • Computer Device Needs and Video Conferencing Guidance

  • 02

    Pre-Course Lessons: Complete Before Our First Online Session

    • Introduction of the Emotional Effector Patterns & The Emotional Body

    • Introduction to Breathing Areas

    • Zero (Neutral) Breathing & Step Out Tutorial

  • 03

    Now let's get connected!

    • Participant Engagement Agreements

    • Participant Engagement Agreement Response

    • Before We Gather Together

    • Zoom Meeting Link Registration Information

  • 04

    Information and Materials Shared During the Course

    • Recommended Reading in the Emotional Body book

    • 1A Breath Pattern Practice

    • 1B Breath Pattern Practice

    • 1A & 1B Introduction of Breath & Embodiment

    • Feldenkrais Lesson on Side Bending Into 1A Pattern

    • 2A Receptive Pattern Practice

    • 2A Active Pattern Practice

    • Clavicular Breathing Practice

    • 2B Breath Pattern Practice

    • Introduction to the 2A & 2B breath

    • 2A & 2B Embodiment Lesson

    • Step Exhales and the 3A Breath Pattern

    • 3B Breath Pattern Practice

    • Voicing the Patterns

    • Written Descriptions & Audio Recording of the Emotional Effector Patterns


Instructor Bio:

Laura Bond (Lead Instructor/Trainer) is the founder of Pure Expressions® LLC a somatic seminar and workshop development organization. Laura is internationally recognized for her use of the Emotional Body® method of instructing safe, reliable, evidence-based somatic techniques for physical emotion regulation, cultivating expression and somatic resiliency, developing skills in safe-guarding personal agency, and providing methods for establishing overall somatic health, wellness and balance with regard to reclaiming the states of calm we were born with and learning to restore to these states after experiencing emotions. In addition to her expertise in acting, directing, and voice production, her primary research centers around the development of a physical emotion regulation method using somatic education philosophies with the evidence-based emotional effector patterns (EEP). After 20 years of practice-research, teaching and writing in this area she developed new ways to teach the EEP and founded a new method for physical emotional regulation and somatic resiliency, called the Emotional Body® method. Her research included collaborating and co-teaching with Feldenkrais® method practitioners since 2007 and an intensive teacher-training sabbatical in Chile in 2006 with neuroscientist and research psychologist Susana Bloch, an original member of the team that discovered the EEP. Laura is a full professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville and the author of The Emotional Body: A Method for Physical Self-Regulation, which is the core text used in Emotional Body courses. In 2022 Professor Bond was awarded the Ruth Paddison Endowed Professorship, a three-year honorary Professorship where she would devote her research and professional development to Cultivating Resiliency and Sustainability in the Performing Arts through her continued work and development of somatic education and methods focused on mental and physical wellness initiatives. To learn more about the Emotional Body method and Laura Bond visit

Laura Bond

Lead Instructor/Trainer